Arrive in style and serenity at the tranquil setting of a Georgian house set deep in the Sussex countryside, but still within easy reach of London.


Located in Hammerwood, 3½ miles east of East Grinstead and 10 miles west of Tunbridge Wells, the helisite is 25 miles from central London (trains from Cowden to London Bridge; from 42mins) and in close proximity to the Queen Victoria Hospital, a specialist plastic surgery facility.


The helicopter landing site (HLS) itself is grass surfaced, well-drained and surrounded by yew hedges. Approximately 40m wide, it is set at the front of Hammerwood Park, a historic house which offers private conference facilities and B&B year-round by prior arrangement.



•   Single engine: £15 (was £35)

•   Twin engine: £25 (was £50)


Fees include refreshments (a selection of teas, coffee, biscuits &c.) if requested – just ask when arranging PPR. Helicopter parking free for the first 48hrs, then £10 per day or £59 per week. These fees compare favourably to our competitors; the house is manned full-time for security reasons and the helisite is located with both convenience and subtlety in mind.


Hammerwood is only 10 miles (25mins' transfer by car) from London Gatwick, so if you wish to leave a helicopter at Hammerwood for the duration of a trip away then longer term rates may be negotiated.


Arrival/departure procedure

268ft AMSL. 51.1307° N, 0.0598° E. Marked on all current CAA UK VFR and Skydemon/iPad charts.


Located inside the Gatwick CTR (Class D). Contact Gatwick Approach in good time on 126.825 to request zone entry. Easterly approach advised, staying not above 1500ft when flying underneath the Gatwick CTA (which extends west in an arc from Bough Beech reservoir to the NE, the village of Ashurst in the E, and Eridge to the SE. Keep a good watch for traffic tracking along the eastern edge of the Gatwick CTR (which exists SFC-1500 from 1.5NM to the E of the HLS). Avoid the village circled below, the power-lines 0.5NM to the S and the field of livestock 0.3NM to the SW.


When in the final stages of descent (below 500ft AGL), the site must be approached from overhead the parkland to the south and east (see map below) due to the presence of Hammerwood Park and its gardens to the north, and a small oak wood to the east. We ask that you avoid flying to the west and north of the site at any time for noise abatement reasons. See below for more detail.


Helisite available all year round. PPR: please give some notice by telephone  on +44 (0)1342 850594, or +44 (0)7842 969579 for a pre-arrival briefing. Unlicensed. Portable lighting available by prior arrangement. No fuel currently available (Avgas/Avtur available at Redhill Aerodrome, 10nm WNW).


HLS terms of use and information on police permission for flights to/from destinations outside the United Kingdom are available to view here. Please  do view these before requesting PPR.


Noise abatement

NOTE: due to the proximity of nearby livestock, you are kindly asked to avoid any extended periods of hovering (other than for ATC compliance) and to strictly adhere to the approach guidance above. For noise abatement reasons, we regret that we are unable to permit extended training exercises or circuit flying.


If you consider it likely that you will need to hold immediately prior to arrival or after departure, please endeavour to do so at the greatest height (AGL) that Gatwick Approach will permit. We regret that flouting of noise abatement procedures will mean we are unable to grant further PPRs, as the volume of complaints will have caused our telephone to melt.

Nearby places of interest

•   Sweetwoods Golf Club,    Holtye (1.2 miles)

•   Forest Row (2.3 miles)

•   Queen Victoria Hospital,  East Grinstead (2.6 miles)

•   Poohsticks Bridge (2.7 miles)

•   Hartfield (2.8 miles)

•   East Grinstead (3.2 miles)

•   Saint Hill (4.0 miles)

•   Edenbridge (4.3 miles)

•   Lingfield Park – horse racing (3.9 miles)

•   Lingfield (4.4 miles)

•   Tunbridge Wells (9 miles)

•   London Gatwick airport (10.5 miles)

•   Crawley (10.5 miles)

•   Glyndebourne – opera Glynde (17.5 miles)

•   Central LONDON (25 miles – 42mins train from Cowden)








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